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The two dancing bears on the faded sign outside Byron's are one "Dead" giveaway. Another is the vanity license plate - "DEDHED" on owner Byron Stuart's car, parked in front of the bar in downtown Pomeroy. Byron is a lifelong fan of the Grateful Dead, the counterculture band that gained a loyal following beginning in the 1960s for its unique and eclectic style. The small western Iowa bar is filled with one of the largest collections of Dead memorabilia this side of San Francisco, from framed t-shirts, photos and posters to commemorative pins, teddy bears, and a cookie jar. For safekeeping, some smaller items are displayed in a glass case behind the bar. Tie dyed artwork on display also helps remind visitors of past Jerry days. Though it pays homage to the band, Byron's is much like any other small town bar, where locals strike up conversations while knocking them back. On weekends, the bar routinely hosts top live music, drawing fans from hundreds of miles around to the Calhoun County town of 710. Several artists who have played here have gone on to fame, landing record deals and appearances on late-night TV talk shows. The first national act was Todd Snider, a singer songwriter from Nashville. He's been on both Leno and Letterman. The bar also had Corey Stevenson, a blues guy out of California. He liked the place so much that he told his management company about it. They called up and asked if Canned Heat could play there. The place was just packed with people. By the end of the night, everybody was just bouncing with the music.


-Credit for the "About" article goes to The Sioux City Journal